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Hato San Pablo is an historic traditional cattle ranching farm located in the edge of the Cravo Sur River and surrounded by all type of natural hábitat and wildlife, as well as actually handling traditional experiences from the region combined with the luxury location that it offers. Hato San Pablo is considered a cultural native location with its unique llanero experience that can offer unique experiences from horse backriding to bird watching, herding cattle, fishing and wild path walks and rides thru the river. This unique experience is the result of this Magical place surrounded by wild animals, nice weather, priceless sunsets and sunshines, moonlight and shinning star nights, and unique planned or unplanned adventures that results from being in such an exclusive place of the world. Our commitment to the natural, wildlife and the traditional people is shown in any activity and place of the Hato, its culture and its value and beauty. The lodging options include 12 rooms with independent bathrooms, including some special suites with air conditioning to comfortable rooms with ventilators, fridge and snacks. Special lodging options include two pools, one private, and two huge suites. Also Hato San Pablo combines the traditional with the optional relaxing spaces. Special places for dining, sports, paddle tennis court, pool, volley ball, table games, ride in jetsky, with coordinated daily programs if required. Dining is also unique and recognized for the flavor from typical menus to exotic but delicious flawless gastronomy options..